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Let's name is Frankie Tatts

Let's just jump straight into the deep end and gets things moving.

Welcome. I should say now, that if you're easily offended by differing and unpopular opinions, you should just leave. If you are panicked by controversial rhetoric, likewise, you should just leave. I'm not going to smack you in the face with everything all at once, right here. These are just a few of my core beliefs intended to set the table for many diatribes to come. You will see these ideas surface again and again, and they'll make much more sense when you see how I follow them in my writings.

"If you believe you're right, then go ahead and do it.”

I've always believed in these words spoken by Davy Crockett so long ago. It's the driving force behind everything I do.

It is really that simple.

"Think for yourself and form your own opinion."

The worst thing any one of us can do is blindly accept the direction and agenda of others. Others who typically have an underlying agenda. Sometimes they'll even tell you their agenda in hopes of swaying your opinion right out of the gate. Don't allow that. I used to be a Labor Relations Manager, and I always told my guys, "If you're going to hate me, hate me because of something I said or did, not because someone else said you should."

"Do your own due diligence."

The only way to form your own opinion is to experience for yourself and do your own research. The absolute worst thing you can do is to allow someone else to dictate your opinions to you. Think for yourself! Learn for yourself! If you hear a bit of news that you don't quite trust, look into it. Learn about it. Maybe you will come to understand and possibly even believe in that particular cause and agenda. But if you don't, don't just accept it because someone tells you that you should...don't accept it just because someone tells you must be foolish or ignorant for not believing it. If you believe in what you find, and you believe it's 'right', then go for it, and do it with both barrels. But if not, never be afraid to say so. Stand your ground and prove that you exist!

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