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Another of my Short Stories is now published!

My short story, "Meshing Dreams" is now published in the Wingless Dreamer Anthology book, Hearts in Orbit!'s the rub...

This is a poetry anthology so the publisher changed the name of my story to "A Wrinkle in 2/2 Time" and broke paragraphs out into verses!

I just got my hard copy today, and I read it from top to bottom and they didn't change anything except the name. Even though they attempted to translate it to something lyrical, the story is 100% intact and it STILL reads exactly the way I wrote it.

That's publishers for you.

At any rate, the paperback, hardcover and digital versions are all available on Amazon:

I hope you'll grab up a copy and enjoy the ride!

And if not...I'll most likely post the story in its entirety in the very near future.

Thanks for all of your support!


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