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So...I finally contracted COVID

I’ve labored for several weeks over whether-or-not to publish this one. For one, the Ukrainian People deserve all possible attention over stories about the common cold, and two, as a result of the media war coverage, COVID has apparently ceased to exist. Until, that is, there was an ever-so-slight lull in the stories and it began to flatline for the media. The reason I decided to finally publish this was the errant reporting about the next great “COVID surge starting in China and how it would only be a matter of weeks before the US would be facing another lockdown”. Yes, errant, indeed. The basis for this was a Chinese report that they logged 125 cases for every 100,000 people. That equates to .125% of the population. Almost completely imperceptible. And it was certainly NO cause for any international alarm or call for a return to lockdowns. Those reports were published a couple weeks ago with ZERO follow-up on the stories since. The effort fell flat. It would seem that the American Public is not as willing to revert to fear and control as the media had assumed...and hoped.

It's interesting timing that my youngest daughter just left the house for school this very morning with a terrible head cold again, for the second day in a row, but now no one is questioning her or sending her home for five days or forcing her to wear a mask. Then again, when you think about it, I guess it’s not really that peculiar after all.

So…back to whether-or-not to publish…I say, “Why not?”

So, here we go…

Several weeks ago, in early February, 2022, I finally contracted COVID. I know there are a lot of folks that have been waiting for – I’m sure some of them have even been praying for – this to happen to me. Well, there you go. I got it right along with everyone else in my immediate family.

Spoiler Alert: Sorry trolls…I’m still alive. We’re all still alive.

Just as happy as I am to share this news with you, I’m sorry to have to disappoint you at the same time. It was nothing more than an annoying cold for me. It was nothing more than a simple cold for both of my daughters.

Let’s take note that I still do not and I will not believe in the necessity of wearing masks as years of having to use them in a professional capacity has taught me their actual applicability and true limits of their effective uses.

My decision was never based upon anyone else’s media agenda, rather upon my own experience.

Let’s also take note that I am still not vaccinated. I have received neither of the shots nor the booster.

Never-the-less, I was not hospitalized. I was not placed on a ventilator. I am still very much alive.

I did not “rage to the gods” for having contracted COVID out of “my own ignorance and vaccine refusal”. As media story after story claimed of people who got sick.

I did not, for a single second, feel that I was somehow errant and reckless in living my own life causing me to ‘pray for forgiveness for my refusal to accept the vaccine’. As media story after story claimed of people who got sick.

As I said, both of my daughters had it as well…and at the same time as me.

But here’s the part you’re going to hate…

BOTH of them are fully vaccinated and still dutifully wore their masks as the government directed them to do. In the end, none of that mattered. ALL THREE OF US CONTRACTED COVID WITHIN DAYS OF EACH OTHER AND ALL THREE OF US HAD THE EXACT SAME SYMPTOMS…AND THE EXACT SAME COLD.


Isn’t that interesting?

Once my cold began, it took just about a week for the infection to run its course. It’s been a long time since I had any kind of cold or flu, but I remember it well. This one kind of reminded me of the sinus infections I used to get back in the days when I walked everywhere and still smoked cigarettes. Even more interesting is the fact that back then, no matter how bad my sinus infections would get, I was told by doctor after doctor that, “It’s just a virus and there’s nothing we can do except let it run its course.” That was the prevailing wind of the time, “Our antibiotics won’t hurt the virus, so you just have to let it run itself out.”

Maybe they were just trying to con me, thinking that I was exaggerating my symptoms?

The last thing I was ever given was a Z-Pack, but the prescription was handed to me with the usual proviso that “it might make you feel better, but it really won’t help kill the infection”.

Strange how quickly that train of thought fell by the wayside and the current “science” has prevailed.

Then again, it’s just like anything. My body was able then – and is still quite capable now – of fighting off such an infection. I just did it again. That doesn’t mean that I am something special or that COVID is insignificant or no one should ever a hold concern about it. It means that I put it in proper perspective for myself. It’s really the same situation that everyone in the world faces every year with the innumerable novel strains of the flu that surface like they’re following a calendar. If you’re more susceptible and your body is compromised in ANY way, the simplest cold can be catastrophic, if not deadly. I still have never received a “flu shot” and those have been around for a LONG time. I can count my bouts with the flu on one hand and still have fingers left over. I remember each one of them.

Let me be oh-so-crystal clear on this point…

It is NOT that I am opposed in any way to vaccines in general.

It is NOT that I believe vaccines are part of a larger conspiracy.

It is quite simply because I choose to decide for myself, based upon my own personal history and experiences when it comes to such a common, recurring and very much indestructible illness.

It’s NOTHING new.

More than any other reason, though, it’s because I still have too many unanswered and outright ignored questions concerning this particular “flu strain”, this particular vaccine and its sudden appearance on the scene, all of that beyond its shockingly swift related effectiveness.

It comes down to my own, personal assessment and thoughts on the matter of living my own life based upon my own experiences.

It’s nothing more than that.

I would never suggest that anyone else follow my lead, as it only applies to me.

I would never suggest that anyone whose body and system are compromised in any way, roll the dice, be it from old age, degenerative disease or the like. That has never been my intention or want. It has been very clearly proven over the years that these folks are the most susceptible and should be the most cautious when it comes to their health and disease prevention.

Sorry to disappoint all of my detractors, but I was not “stricken down” by the falsely over-hyped “great plague of 2020”. I caught a cold.

It is rather amusing to me that some people just cannot believe I had anything more than an unrelated cold. Somehow, when EVERYONE has been COVID-infected, there’s absolutely NO way that I could have been – it HAS to be something else. I should think that more people than just me would find this interesting, not to mention downright convenient for the prevailing arguments.

It’s tragic that so many people so whole-heartedly believed the press that even when I say I contracted COVID, they’re willing to argue with me that “it must not really be COVID because if it was, it would be very serious ‘cause you’re not vaccinated”. They simply refuse to accept that the absolute, supreme-ultimate, worst-case outcome did not happen to me as was predicted by the media they follow. They refuse to believe that anyone can escape the ‘wrath of COVID’. After all, we’ve heard nothing but ‘doom and gloom’ for more than two years now.

So, even when I say, “Yup. I caught it”, and I fully acknowledge it, I am still vilified as some kind of a conspiracy-crackpot who’s “obviously up to something”!

If this shit wasn’t really happening to me, I would never believe it existed outside of a comic book!

Fortunately for all of us, the threads of this fabric are FINALLY unravelling and pulling thin. The People are finally so exhausted with all of it that they’re no longer waiting with baited breath for the next CDC proclamation. Finally, there’s talk from the CDC about accepting that COVID – just like the flu – is ALWAYS going to be around and it’s something we’re going to have to live with – just like the flu.

And do you know why it’s wearing so thin? Do you know why The American People are losing interest in the fear-mongering press and media? Quite simply put, the media’s dire apocalyptic predictions are simply NOT happening – they are NOT coming true. And before you parrot the media reports of over 900,000 deaths due to COVID, take a good look at the time span that number actually covers. It is now over a FULL two years and counting. How is an open-ended parameter any kind of gage for such a count? You have to put things in their proper perspective, and compare these “numbers” against all other known disease statistics…and do so in terms of finite (annual) parameters, not in a unilaterally open-ended, and a more-than-convenient fluid time-frame. Additionally, we must acknowledge that SO many of the “cases” were recorded by piggy-backing them on other, more critical ailments, if not outright replacing them, yet still given all of the blame for results. Murky and clouded results to further skew all of the statistics.

And no, I STILL have no intention of getting the government-directed multiple vaccines and however many boosters (now drug companies are actually trying to float a FIFTH shot!) the CDC recommends on any given day, especially now that the NYT reported in late February that the CDC is not presenting all data, factors and findings because, and I quote the CDC, “They’re not yet ready for ‘prime time’. The numbers being made public are incomplete and not yet ready to present to the public at large.” Another spoiler alert: The CDC intentionally excluded data that suggests that boosters are not in any way necessary for vaccinated ages 16 – 49. Why, then, would the public ‘not be ready’ for this information? I should think it would be a welcome bite of info for everyone!

Bear in mind, these are the CDC’s words, not mine.

Why should health resources in the USA have to refer to Israeli statistics instead of the statistics the CDC ALREADY possesses? (That’s currently how they’re forced to do it.)

How can anything be THAT incomplete at this late date? And in this Country?

This has nothing to do with conspiracy. The CDC has said it themselves.

This has nothing to do with politics. Look at how far – and exactly ‘why’ – the great “COVID champions of politics” have fallen, and all by their own doing.

This does not imply that I somehow “hate” my fellow man or that I am “unpatriotic” in any way.

This has nothing to do with the accused and alleged circulation of ‘potentially deadly misinformation’. I ask you, “What have I ever written that is a ‘lie’ that will harm or kill people?” Not a single letter of a word. Never.

This has everything to do with my own free choice to live my life as I see fit – the same way as I have lived my life for fifty-four years now. That’s all I ever wanted to say in every word I have ever written…

Think for yourself!

Everyone should exercise their own, personal caution and decision-making as their own, personal body and life dictate to them. Never assume that some distant “authority” is infallible and has a greater command of your freedom of thought than you do and worse, the right to dictate how you should live your life, simply because they bought ‘air time’ on the “news”.

So, I contracted COVID.

I made a full and rather lackluster, commonplace recovery with plenty of fluids, some ibuprofen and a few cough drops.

Big, fat, frickin’ deal. It won’t be the last time I get sick.


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