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Talking to Myself

Here I am…talking to myself…again.

Left all alone. It’s my own doing and I’ll do it again in less than a heartbeat.

Still, I have something to say about it.

I’ll tell you now, you probably won’t like it, and if you don’t, I don’t care.

I’m not writing this for anyone else but me. So, that being said…

It’s funny. One thing after another is now happening – just as I predicted they would.

Not because I am some great ‘seer’.

Not because I know all there is to know in the world.

Not because I got lucky.

And, no…not because I’m a narcissist. I have been so labeled, but that doesn’t make it true.

No. It was entirely and one hundred percent due to my willingness to pay attention and think for myself and always consider the past for its history. Everything was laid out in perfect form for the reading. So many folks refused to even look at it. It was much, too much, easier to only listen and to follow and to just ‘do what they were told to do’.

After all, they would never lie to all of us to get what they want.

After all, they would never intentionally hide information to push The American People into compliance with what they want.

After all, nothing they did was ever ‘illegal’.

After all, nothing they ever did violated the basic simple rights and freedoms of the American People.

Never? Not at all? Not one iota?


Why is it so quiet now?

Once again, I must call BULLSHIT on all of that, here and now!


They did.

They would, did and will quite obviously do it again.

They would, did and will without a doubt, try it again.

They were in violation of not only the Constitution and the Bill of Rights but also a vast array of state and local laws and legislatures as well. And they will most certainly try it again.

They did, still do now and always will, vilify any and all who voice a contrary opinion to what they want.

No matter what happens before their own eyes, they continue to preach that any contrary opinion is nothing but a radical, unhinged, political conspiracy theory meant to disrupt the popular agenda.

And even as current events continue to roll out in a perfect, long, red carpet of evidence to the contrary, those events and rulings and actual data are still completely ignored, just as they were before.

After all, they would never lie to all of us to get what they want.

After all, they would never intentionally hide information to push the People into compliance with what they want.

It’s much more important that everyone stay in line. “Stay in your lane and don’t move from it”.

Don’t worry…we’ll tell you what to think.

Don’t worry…we’ll tell you what we want you to think is real.

Don’t worry…if you follow – and don’t ever question us – your life will be simple and happy.

Proof positive of the outright denial of it all?

Not one person – not a ONE – ever came back and said, “Hey…you might have been right about that” or even, “Maybe there’s something more to this”. No one bothered to even look.

Not a ONE ever admitted they might have been too harsh and uninformed in their purposefully-directed judgement of someone who had the audacity to have a different view.

Not a ONE has admitted that it really might not be all conspiracy theories and lies from opposing voices.

They instead choose to further ignore what is happening around them and pretend they can’t hear it, all the while yelling, “La-la-la-la-la. I can’t hear you!

After all, it’s safer that way.

After all, they would never lie to all of us to get what they want.

After all, they would never intentionally hide information to push The American People into compliance with what they want.

Remember…“It’s much more important that everyone stay in line”.

Remember…“Stay in your lane and don’t move from it and you’ll have a happy life”.

I was forsaken by the people who accused me of the very actions and attitudes they are now demonstrating themselves. Accused me without any substance other than my disagreement.

With regards to me, to these folks, I must quite obviously be a narcissist.

It’s obvious that I refuse to believe anyone else. It’s obvious that I care only for myself.

Am I the only one that can see the true narcissistic tendencies on display here?

Am I the only one that can see from where they are generating? From where they are radiating?

People should learn all of the aspects of a narcissistic personality before they fling that label at others.

I suppose it’s more a question of human nature than acquiesced and comfortable ignorance.

What really are the odds that anyone who beats a drum for someone else’s parade and ignores every contrary thought will ever turn back around and admit that they might have been conned? That they might have been misled?

That they might have judged others too early and judged them too harshly?

That they might have just been mistaken about a great many things?

Slim to none, I would wager.

I’ve written a million times that if someone sees it differently, I want them to explain it to me. Prove your case, don’t just tell me what an ‘asshole’ I am for voicing my contrary opinion.

I am never beyond recanting or changing my views if there’s any validity to doing so. You might just change my mind.

I am far beyond blindly changing my opinion just because someone else doesn’t like it and ‘tries to yell louder’. I left the playground behind me decades ago.

But no one should feel bad. Even the current President is surprised that the 2020 enthusiasm wave he rode to the White House is now diminishing and pretty much gone. Surprise!

Apparently, he really wasn’t the great, beloved leader that his press portrayed him to be.

Apparently, The American People never really were that progressive and certainly not so socialist-inclined as the Democrat war machine dreamed and believed. And when I say this, I am specifically referring to the political battle for the White House, nothing else.

It would appear that The American People really didn’t care too much about removing Dr. Seuss from book shelves or removing every statue that ever gave anyone an itch.

It was all nothing more than a mob mentality that took over, and everyone that wanted to belong to something – anything – took up the sabers to rattle for the cause.

But the mob is now dispersing…

Imagine that.

The American People got bored with the overabundant, painfully incessant and mostly judgmental rhetoric thrown in their faces every damn day.

So you hated Trump. So what? He’s been gone for over a year now, only kept alive in arguments by further attempts at degradation ‘just in case’ he wants to run for office again.

He’s gone. Where else can the agenda go now? THAT was the primary force behind that political, enthusiastic wave of 2020 horseshit in the first place.

It was never about Biden as a ‘great leader’ or social injustice or the cries for socialism or defunding of police.

It became all about rallying all the voters possible to vote him out of office, no matter the method. But the fuel behind all of the misdirection and misinformation is now dissolved and gone.

Why would any American really care about socialism and a crushing government-imposed and controlled economic battleground now? Especially now that a lot of those folks that bought into it are finally beginning to question its relevance.

Are finally starting to understand what socialism actually is.

Do they honestly believe that all of their followers still stand firm in alliance behind the ‘Biden way’?

Quite obviously, many still do exactly that, but then again, there will always be followers looking for their direction from any ‘leader’.

But I don’t believe for a second that all of those folks are now so tainted and discouraged that they refuse to acknowledge what is sitting in a big ol’ steaming pile right there in front of them.

Because I am opiniated, people have stopped following me. People have stopped reading anything I write, no matter the subject. People want absolutely nothing to do with me anymore.

Given all that, I expect that maybe this particular piece won’t be read by more than two or three people, but that doesn’t matter. I won’t allow it to matter for one simple reason…

In time, everything I said and wrote and fought for will be heard and read – including this piece.

It’s the nature of things in this world.

People will always look back hoping to find answers.

Wounded pride will always heal over so much so that even they will laugh about how ridiculous all of it was – and still is.

All of this will matter to someone down the road, and that is the one point above all others that a writer must accept to maintain even a modicum of sanity.

It just takes that one person to read and understand. Just one. Just one spark is all it takes.

The sobering fact for me is that most likely, I’ll be long gone before any of that happens.

I can only hope that it does.

Until then, I’ll keep on talking to myself and enjoy the conversation.

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