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Where to Buy My Stuff...

My books and a couple of my stories are still available for purchase, so here are the most popular links for what's still out there...

Until The Next Time

This book is available in paperback locally at Pressed at 1535 W. 8th St in Erie, PA.

It's also available in paperback

and digital from all the usual suspects:

On Amazon:

On Barnes & Noble:

The Mist of My Dreams

This book is available here, but also on nine other distributor sites, too:

My Essay, "Surgery Story - Making the Cuts"

Published in the Summer 2023 print issue of Glacial Hills Review.

The print copy is here on Amazon:

My short story, "That's Not Me"

Published by Free Spirit Publishing in the Anthology entitled, "Dialogue at the Bar With Drinking Partner", and is available on Amazon:

Of course, my short stories and articles are available at any time on

Bare Back Magazine

Just look for my by-lines!

Lots more coming down the pike, too...

The first of my POEMS are going to begin publishing in December in Cool Beans Literary Journal! next book, "No Space Left for Regret" is on two publisher short-lists for publication!

Fingers crossed to next Tuesday and back on that one!

Thanks to all for so much love and support!!!


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