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I'm way, far behind on this one, but here it is anyway...

My latest article, "Is On-Line Dating Still Worth it in 2023?" and my short story, "Candy Omelettes" are both published in the June 2023 Issue of Bare Back Magazine.

A quick look ahead...

Coming in just a few days are my article, "Erotic Writing Can Improve Your Sex Life" and my short story, "Saturday in the Park" both publishing in the July 2023 Issue of Bare Back Magazine.

And looking even farther out there...I'll have some more, related writing news to share!

Stay tuned!


Even though this is a literary publication - poetry, short stories and articles - this is an adult publication and content may not be suitable for all readers.

If this kind of thing offends you, then don't bother reading any of it.

If you go in anyway, well, you've been warned and you're on your own.


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