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Lord Voldemort? Really?

I came across this headline Sunday morning:

Biden no longer shy in singling out Trump, the 'former guy'

Here’s a few words from it…

For some Democrats, Biden’s willingness to engage directly with Trump was overdue.

“It’s like Lord Voldemort, right? You gotta say his name and show that you’re not afraid of him,” said Rep. Jamaal Bowman, D-N.Y. “It’s good to see that the president is naming Donald Trump, as we all should.”

Is there honestly a living, actually seated Representative who really just compared politicians to the Harry Potter stories?

Did he really just imply that Biden is ‘Harry’ and Trump is ‘Voldemort’?

Why is it necessary for Biden to prove that he’s not afraid of Donald Trump?

Why is it ‘good’ that Trump is being named? Why should we all name him?

Why isn’t Biden doing something about inflation?

I don’t remember this kind of economic disarray from the Trump years.


Trump is not in the Oval Office, Biden is.

It’s a fool’s game to blame easy targets for the fool’s own bungling and haphazard mistakes.

There is one hard, fast simple rule when it comes to people who find themselves in trouble, and that is this:

Someone with something to hide is all too quick to point out just how wrong and terrible everyone else is instead of accepting accountability for whatever they themselves have done wrong – or have failed to do.

In case that’s not clear enough, I’ll say it another way. Biden still has MUCH to answer for and MUCH to explain…and FIX. Not Trump…Biden.

Trump is not in office any longer, yet the economy is in danger of tanking. However, instead of addressing inflation and potential recession until it’s fixed, Biden’s camp has chosen the further demonization of Donald Trump. It’s nothing more than a deflective smoke-screen.

The American People:

But President Biden, the economy is on rocky ground and inflation is out of control.


The White House:

President Biden has spoken. Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.

Remember Trump? Yeah, we still don’t like him.

I don’t give a good-goddamn what personal view you hold of Trump OR Biden. The simple fact remains that Biden is in office and has been for going on two years. Trump has not.

Let’s not forget that the Biden election-time battle-cry incessantly screamed that everything would be better once Trump was ousted. Remember that?

Well, Trump’s out and Biden is in. How are all of Biden’s presidential quagmires the fault of Donald Trump? Again, it’s nothing more than misdirection and the inability to firmly stand behind and fulfill all of the ‘election-time promises’ that Biden himself had made.

He threw that garbage out at us, and so many people ate it up, honestly believing that “once the democrats kicked Trump out of Washington, the world will be a better place”.

Guess what, boys and girls?

This is no longer any sort of political arena.

This is a grade school playground at recess.

The article moves on to inadvertently expose the TRUE concerns of the White House and the Democratic Party as a whole:

Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., said he, too, struggled how much to focus on the former president once Trump left office.

“I think a lot of us just hoped he would go away and if we stopped talking about him, everybody else would stop talking about him,” he said. “But that’s not how it’s turned out. He’s running for president and he still runs the Republican Party, and I don’t think we can disengage anymore.”

Did you catch that? There’s no concern for runaway inflation or financial ruin and destruction. They’re not even trying to blame Trump for inflation or the looming Biden-era recession. It’s all about the next election – in 2024! They are more concerned with attacking Trump in an effort to keep him at bay than they are about the economy – or any other rampant domestic problem we all are now forced to face. It’s nothing more than one whiny kid yelling at another kid, crying, “Oh yeah? Well look at him, not me. I’m ok no matter what I do (or don’t do). Just look at him!”

If they had to “struggle” with how much to “focus on the former President”, then they had no firm plan as they claimed, or any real intention of following any set plan. If there was an actual, concrete way to fix things – as they insisted must be done – then why didn’t they just do it?

Why did they first have to ‘struggle’ over who to blame?

Why didn’t they just do it? None of it would’ve been easy. Nothing in Washington ever was or ever will be. It’s all a fight. Why not engage the actual fight and do what the voters expected to be done after they handed over their votes?

Incidentally, if I was to ever equate Biden to any character in the Harry Potter stories it would have to be Gilderoy Lockhart. Read a book.

But how absurd it is for politicians to use the Harry Potter stories as part of their arsenal against Trump – who’s not even in office! To combat an election in 2024!

This is no longer any sort of political arena.

This is a grade school playground at recess.

Sadly, now that they’ve cast the die, I don’t expect to see or hear anything other than their vilifying diatribes against Trump…and not a finger lifted to help The American People.

Isn’t that the reason ANYONE is elected to office? To help The American People?




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