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Remember What I Wrote in 2020?

Frankietatts Talks looks like a ghost town nowadays, but I’m trying hard to enjoy this break in festivities…besides, there’s a wonderful reason behind the quiet.

I created the quiet myself from each and every word I wrote.

So sad for me, but it's proven that I really did reach people - whether they liked it or not.

And I continue to reach people...even if it only produces scorn.

After all, there's no such thing as 'bad publicity'.

After January 1st, 2021, I pulled all blog entries that had anything to do with the year 2020 and had them copyrighted as a collection. They are now a copyright-protected collection of essays that encapsulate the year 2020 as I saw it. And they are ready for publication.

With an immense amount of work, and a little luck as icing, I hope to have the collection published – digitally and in print – somewhere in the year 2023. There’s no urgency at this point because the longer it takes to hit printed pages, the more nostalgic essence will accumulate along with it. The more nostalgic it becomes, the more current times will resemble ‘the way things were’ and the more people will want to read about those days. It won’t be because they miss all of the violence and controversy and anger and sadness and pain. It will be because those elements will no longer be thrown in our faces at every waking moment. It will be because people will always want a reminder of how bad it got so they can feel more comfortable in the way it became.

Bad times are easier to read about and understand when we live in better times than they were.

Bad times are easier to read about when the bad time is seemingly so far behind us.

I’m also enjoying the quiet because the fanatical screaming and yelling of my detractors has been silenced. Now I'm left with a deafening silence.

The one resounding lesson I learned from all of this was…

People do not like to be faced with anything that could disrupt their comfort zone.

If you’ve read any of my writings, you know that even though I am more than opinionated, I do not work to persuade or convince others to my way of thinking.

My goal all along was to push people to think for themselves instead of being spoon-fed their beliefs, and THAT drew a furious attitude:

How dare you even imply that I think for myself! What happens to my safe and comfortable life if I learn something different from what I’ve been told and all I’ve accepted is now in question? How dare you!

I think that the only thing scarier than realizing you may have been duped is having to admit it and change your opinions and beliefs because of it. So many people flat-out refuse to change course even when they hold irrefutable evidence in their hands.

Just goes to show that it is infinitely easier to convince people in the first place than to reverse an opinion once they have it.

It’s interesting to think that this book will be the year 2020 as I saw it. The time for debating those blogs is long since over. Actually, I think it went on for too long. I practically begged for people to disagree with me and prove me wrong. I so wanted for someone – anyone – to stand up with something substantial by way of evidence and prove me wrong.

At the very least, force me to question my own beliefs.

But there was Nothing.

Nothing except being branded a “selfish, narcissistic, conspiracy-ridden, unpatriotic Trumper who didn’t care who lived or died”. I honestly thought that with that type of vehement vilification, someone – anyone – would have come forward to prove it all to me.

“But, alas, it was not to be”. Nothing but accusations and nasty labels from trolls, far and wide.

Even with every word of explanation I wrote, the labels persist to this day, and without regard for how I really felt about any of these things, no matter my explanation.

I guess it was the best way it could’ve happened because now the controversy will underlie and ultimately fuel this book…and there is nothing my detractors can do about it. When it’s published, there won’t be any avenue for attack and they’ll be left with lingering, rancid feelings about it and nowhere to spit them.

I, on the other hand, will have no lingering feelings. Don't think I ever did...if I did have them, I don't believe I would've written so much.

They all had every opportunity to debate it, but for the most part, they were firmly planted behind their keyboards, and would not engage. Sadly, those precious few that did, stopped as soon as they dropped the challenge, without discussion, without evidence and without debate, called me names and vanished back behind their keyboards.

I sincerely look forward to the day that this book hits the open market!

I can only hope that I truly aggravated people to the point at which they did think for themselves – even if it was out of spite for me – and they began to question the world around them rather than blindly accept it. I won’t ever know if that happened, but if it did, that would make all of this worthwhile. That is all I've ever wanted to achieve.

And now, I have so many other subjects and experiences to talk about.

Yes, Frankietatts Talks feels like an abandoned factory nowadays, but still I write. My writings - call them blogs or essays - still fill the void. Very little is ever said back - or even acknowledged anymore - but I can see the interest remains. As long as I can do it, I will continue to write. Current events always manage to provide just enough fodder for this cannon.

And so, FrankieTatts Talks…and Talks….and Talks…and Talks.


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