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Scream and Spit and Bitch

Isn’t it funny?

Isn’t it just hilarious how some public officials will keep going to the same old dried-out well, time and time again, expecting that same old bucket of water to fill?

I think it’s funny, yes, but at the same time I say, “Good Goddamn Riddance!”

First and foremost, let me say unequivocally that this essay blog has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH THE IMPLICATIONS OF THE RECENT SCOTUS OVERTURN OF ROE vs WADE.

It has everything to do with the political reaction to it.

It has everything to do with the tactics that were attempted now, just as they were in 2020.

Those tactics that caused some folks to brush me aside and accuse me of conspiracy theorizing and radicalization when I called out what I saw.

Let’s take a step or two back in time to 2020.

As soon as public officials – from all avenues of public service – had the general public so whipped up into a frightened frenzy because of COVID, they began to push sideline agendas.

And before you start screaming at me about ‘Trumpism’ and conspiracy theories, first explain to me how the removal of historical names and statues made the world safer from COVID.

Then explain to me how the removal of books – even going as far as Dr. Seuss – made the world safer from COVID.

Then explain to me how changing the names of pancake syrups made the world safer from COVID.


These agendas were pushed solely because a weak clasp was found in the armor and the time was right for incensing the population to allow other actions that, under normal circumstances, would never have even been considered.

But they found a crack in the wall and they pushed their way inside – for a little while, anyway.

Cancel this and cancel that. If we don’t like it, neither should you. We know what’s best for you, and if you don’t believe us, we’ll just scream louder until you give in.

Too many people with WAY too much time on their hands had a need and a want to belong to a movement, ANY movement, as long as they felt included somewhere. And so, many of the people gave in and said, “Sure. Why not?”

Idiots wearing chains around their necks, being marched around on their knees saying they were ashamed of their ancestors, all the while knowing ABSOLUTELY nothing about them. All they knew – or heard – was the screaming about injustice. They never listened for – or ever heard – any plan or reasoning to correct and prevent injustice. They only heard the screaming of “injustice”. No matter who you are, if you have no plan to make it better, all of your theatrics have little impact, and it’s a temporary boost at best. It’s nothing but screaming to be heard – and, of course collecting the benefits of your fear tactics.

And before you know it, the so-called “righteous, indiscriminate and unbiased” people in charge of these movements began to fall under Federal investigation. Under investigation for fraud and embezzlement to name just a couple.

THAT is the real danger inherent in sideline agendas that are snaked into an already precarious environment. They serve NO benefit. They only serve to divide and destroy.

The screaming began to lose its affect on the People. The People began to realize that the name of a syrup is not as heinous a crime when compared to the fraud under Federal investigation.

Happily, we left 2020 in the dust of rational realization. We left it as the disgusting, horrible abomination of a timespan as it had become, and left it where it fell.

But now, here in mid-2022, the sabers once again tried to rattle ‘for the cause’. Enter The Supreme Court of the United States reversal of Roe vs Wade.


Put all of the arguments – for and opposed – to the side for a moment, and just listen to the screaming from politicians that have no power in the matter.

“This is nothing more than the Republicans hurting women because they’re against abortion!”

“The President must completely alter the form and function of The United States Supreme Court!”

This is The United States Supreme Court, not a group of Senators, Congressmen or career politicians.

And try as they might to paint the picture, this will NEVER be Donald Trump.

This is The United States Supreme Court.

The United States Supreme Court was installed to be a final word with regards to the letter of the law, just as any judge in any courtroom is charged to act.

The court hears and rules on the cases presented to it for final decision.

These new cries for “reform and restructure to make it fair” coming from career politicians are NOT a call for reform. They are nothing more than a desperate cry to get what they want, NOT what is best for their constituency. They want their power to be extended.

Carefully read the “suggested” demands for reform. These demands have nothing to do with the constituency or the People in general. They are clear-cut attempts to bolster a political position, nothing more.

And before you go up in flames about that statement, riddle me this:

Why hasn’t The United States Supreme Court come under fire like this before? For ANY of its other controversial decisions?

The legal system in general is essentially based upon the precept that BOTH parties will acquiesce to the decision given them by the court. People go in and fight their case – sometimes violently and viciously – but then abide by the ruling of the court, whatever it may be. No, they do not always like or agree with it, but still, they abide by it as the ruling of the court.

So why now, should everything be changed to fit the wants and political desires of a few trying so desperately to scream louder than the People just to get their way?


And I dare to say, the People are thinking along the same lines. Notice the absence of 2020-type, violence and destructive protests against The Supreme Court of the United States. Yes, a good many of the People are enraged at such a ruling, and in many cases, rightfully so, but still the decision is the final ruling. It is the final ruling at least until such a time as a new case is presented that could just as easily overturn it…based upon the letter of the law, not a lobbied political agenda. That is the point of The United States Supreme Court.

It was never about making everyone happy all the time.

Screams and calls to make The United States Supreme Court “fair” for all agendas is quite simply ridiculous because it would then cease to be a court and would fast end as a lobbying forum. Court is a level playing field with the understanding that after the game, the referee makes the final call, not the players.

And one more thing. I’ll go out on a limb here and tell you my own personal opinion of this decision: No one has the right to tell anyone else how to live their lives in any way.

I am opposed to any action that prevents freedom of personal action and/or speech.

I am opposed to any entity that works to force its opinions on anyone else.

The final decision on how to live my life should be made by me, the individual person, not a government or group that believes they know better how I should live it.


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