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Total Protonic Reversal

There isn’t a man-jack alive in this country that can honestly ignore the abrupt, ludicrous and blatantly profit-serving reversal of official advice from Fauci, given this past week. I have a great deal of difficulty believing he has the best interest and wellness of the public at heart.

There would seem to be too many other interests in their place.

On Wednesday of this week, Fauci declared, “We are certainly right now in this country out of the pandemic phase. We’re going to have to learn to live with COVID-19.”

Sounds pretty clear and concise to me.

Seemingly good news. I could hear a collective sigh of relief from all points and corners of the country.

Maybe now, the ‘COVID militants’ will lose some of the wind in their sails and loosen up.

Maybe now, all of the orbiting COVID ridiculousness will finally subside.

Maybe now? What? Oh, hell no!

Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no!” cried pharmaceuticals and damn-near every no-name doctor that ever wanted to be on the news. And they all went public with their counters to Fauci’s statements.

“That’s not what he meant!”

“The pandemic isn’t over!”

“People still have to get shots!”

The next day, Fauci applied ‘total protonic reversal’ by making yet another official statement, now claiming that he didn’t really ‘mean’ to say the pandemic was over. He now said what he meant to say was that “only the acute phase of the pandemic was over”

AND “everyone should get out and get their booster shots to be safe”

Mind you, this happened inside of the exact same week that Fauci declared the pandemic was already at an end.

It’s interesting that he didn’t claim to have been misquoted.

He claims he simply ‘said it wrong’.

The word ‘acute’ is one big-ticket and powerful word to leave out of an official statement such as this.

How could he have meant to say ‘acute’ and not said it? He’s supposed to be the end-all authority. How can he make such a monumental omission?

How can he so recklessly travel from “the pandemic is at an end” back to “only the acute phase of the pandemic is over and the pandemic itself is still on”?

That’s a pretty big jump.

That is one colossal – and sudden – reversal in ‘guidance’.

Only a couple days after declaring the ‘end’, he abruptly changed direction and ground out the gears in an attempt to throw everything and everyone backwards – and also put in a subtle hint that more pharmaceuticals are needed – just for good measure.

And, no, this is not a conspiracy theory. This is a very real, very tangible current happening.

You’ve beaten that poor ‘conspiracy theory’ horse so far down into the ground that you can’t even see it anymore.

His official statements make no sense when lined up side by side, having been made only a day apart. They are blatantly contradictory and more than a little misleading. There is no other possible interpretation of them. And I looked for one because I just couldn’t believe he did it. I’m certainly not surprised. I’m just having trouble believing that he is being that overt and that shameless about it. Almost as if he assumes a blind acceptance and acquiescence of every word he speaks. After all, it’s so much easier to be told than to understand, isn’t it?

Open your eyes and think for yourself.

There does come a time when you will have to call the ball for the way it rolls.


Think about it. If people were to actually listen to Fauci’s first statement, they might believe him and they could actually be willing to make their own decisions about their own wellbeing.

There would be no more control over how people live their lives and run their businesses.

The numbers of vaccinations and subsequent boosters would plummet rapidly right up until the demand completely disappeared. No demand, no money.

“Oh My God! The Horror!”

Those companies that wrapped their entire business plans around masks are already crying the blues because their profits are now dead. They put all of their faith – and money – into the fabricated story of a “new normal” that would always want and need what they had to sell. Not so. Again, no demand, no money. And you really believed all that?

How can the pandemic be over on Wednesday, and then back on by Thursday, complete with a helpful reminder that everyone must go get more shots to remain safe?

Answer that question before you condemn anyone else’s ideas, words or actions on the matter.

Rather interesting timing, too, as so much that was produced as a result of the “pandemic” environment of 2020 is now unravelling and falling to the cutting room floor.

This reversal occurs at a time when the President’s approval rating is at an all-time low, now flirting with an overall record low approval, and The People are growing restless and more and more discontented with his inability to deliver on anything.

This reversal occurs at a time when very little faith remains in the ‘wonderous and progressive’ agenda that was promoted as necessary to “repair the country” after ‘Trump’s damage’.

Again, The People are growing restless and more and more discontented, only with this one, the polled majority has more faith in the Republicans to fix the economic and inflationary problems than the ‘Presidential plan’. Feature that!

By the way, these findings come from the most recent published, public opinion polls. So, before you tell me how they’re tainted and biased, please remember that these are the same public opinion polls that declared that ‘the majority of American voters favor Biden for president’ more than a year ago. Remember that, and then take a good look at things now.

No, not from Facebook. Not from Twitter. Not even from Trump.

These findings come from the most recent published, public opinion polls.

Total protonic reversal.

Crossing the streams is ‘bad’. Are we clear on the whole good-bad thing?

You can just forget about the Twinkie now.

How can anyone blindly trust this agenda or these people?

So disconnected and random and haphazard in everything they do.

Seemingly separate and unassociated elements are all rolling into one massive and intertwined, yet inseparable, pile of accumulated crap.

Think about it, but when you do, think about it for yourself.


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