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You Can Be Anything You Want...

You can be anything you want. You can be anyone you want.


People do NOT have to blindly accept who or what you are.

All people should respect all people, no questions asked, but that doesn’t necessarily equate to a total, unquestioning acceptance.

Every person on this planet has the natural-born right to be and do and say whatever they want, and that should be a guaranteed and protected human right on a global scale.

That, however, does not mean that society or the world at large is obligated to accept your personal views and wants if they do not agree with them.

Accepted societal views and parameters are altered and grown over time, not by way of in-your-face, aspersion-laced tirades.

No one has any right to condemn – and work to hurt the livelihoods of others who hold a differing opinion or view. When any public official questions those views, why should they be automatically condemned as a promoter of hate and bigotry if they do not readily accept your position? Or even understand your position?

Maybe they really are just that, but who’s to say?

Too much politics is in the mix.

Too many people are under the impression that no matter what they say or do, everyone is obligated to accept and respect them, but here’s the plain and simple truth of the matter…

If you choose to live your life outside of the parameters of society, I say, good for you!

Go for it!

Live your life! But…don’t think that makes everything you do an accepted part of that society, because it does not.

Society is a structured thing. That very structure is how a society works.

A man walking down the street in pink knee socks, a short dress and a full beard it is not a daily occurrence, no matter how much people try to push it as a “new normal”. Maybe one day it will be, but today is not that day. Tomorrow won’t be, either.

I personally don’t understand the lifestyle and no, I do not readily accept this as “something everyone does so they should be praised for it”.

Having said that, I am guessing I will be called a bigoted trans/homo-phobe in spite of the fact that if the guy is a good guy – a decent human being – I will readily accept him as the person he is, and yes, subsequently the dress part, too. I probably won’t ever understand it, but I don’t have to fully understand everything that everyone likes and does to show them deserved respect.

I will NOT pretend it's normal and commonplace out of fear of offending them. If the guy is a decent human being, the person he really is will help me to see it, not him screaming that I’m a hate-monger if I happen to offend him by not blindly accepting the ‘cover without reading the book’.

Ricky Gervais said it best, “Who the fuck are you that you can be so arrogant as to believe that no one is permitted to offend you?”

I reserve the right to disagree with you if I feel differently about things than you do, and guess what? THAT does not make me a racist or a bigoted trans/homo-phobe.

It simply does not.

I certainly don’t cast such aspersions about someone who hates the idea of cigar smoking and tries to get in my face about it, screaming about all its evils…but then walks away once they’ve said their piece. It’s their opinion, and that part I can accept.

It’s not the same depth of situation as the trans-issue but same is same.

Say what you want. Do what you want, but never believe that just because you feel that way, the rest of the world is obligated to feel like you do. Personally, I don’t care if anyone likes or accepts the way I am. That should be obvious.

A difference of opinion and view is a good and healthy thing, and it is a CRUCIAL element of any society.

Good, current example…An in-office DC politician recently wanted a man arrested because he made a comment (out in public) about her “Latina butt” as a precursor to adverse remarks about abortion. She proclaimed that this man was ‘an obvious, present threat and danger because the police refused to arrest him, and no woman in Washington is safe with men like him running around free, saying whatever they want’. There’s no question that his remarks were in bad taste and the man could use a lesson or two in manners and decorum. He was certainly no gentleman to any degree. A simple respect for women should have precluded his entire exchange.

But at the same time, I say that her reaction is indicative of an intolerant, domineering and elitist mentality that accepts no contrary view or freely-spoken thought or opinion. Her statement was in bad taste, same as his, yet she should be applauded for voicing it and he should be condemned? They’re both a HUGE part of the problem they both profess to defend.

Two sides of the same coin, and they’re BOTH in the wrong.

By the way, the man, while obnoxious and ignorant, had broken NO laws. He was voicing his views, an action protected by the Constitution, and THAT is why he was not arrested.

It is not against the law to be a loud-mouthed, ignorant idiot.

Good thing, too. Who would be left out there?

Bottom line is, live the life that makes you happy. But if you deviate from what the general population sees as “normal” in its society, don’t get upset if that society is not always supportive about the way you decide to live. What makes you happy will not make everyone else happy and no one is obligated to make you feel good about your life.

No one but YOU. Remember that. No one but YOU.

An article this morning talked about trans people “upset and alienated” because “social media isn’t doing enough to make them feel accepted and to stop mis-information”. Sadly, it’s nothing more than a generalized complaint because – SURPRISE – the population is not as accepting as they were told they would be. No one is obligated!

Quit the incessant complaining – it’s only crippling your cause.

If you feel alienated for any reason, the thing to do is work harder, become stronger and show people who you really are. There’s only one validation any of us really needs anyway – one from ourselves. That’s what should matter, not the opinion of every jack-boot troll on social media!

True change takes time. A lot of time. You will never change minds and attitudes and society as a whole by demanding that it blindly accept what you want. You only dig a wider moat that way.

Be who you are. Do what makes you happy.

Let everyone else live the way that makes them happy.

And for God’s sake, stop getting so butt-hurt and throwing temper-tantrums anytime someone doesn’t throw a parade in honor of your ‘bravery’.


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