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How Dare They!!!

So now New York has removed the term ‘inmate’ because it offends criminals that are incarcerated.

THAT should be troubling enough, but…and this was copied from a news article posted today:

Michel DeGraff, a professor of linguistics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said, “word choice to describe certain individuals does matter. Especially when it comes to individuals who are vulnerable in any way.”

“When you say someone is born a slave (for example), it can make someone think there is a category of people who are slaves by nature, but there is no such category,” he said. “No one is born a slave. You are a human being, and then you were enslaved.”

Now please explain to me what in the good-goddamn hell slavery has to do with criminals who were incarcerated for the crime they committed against society and the law of the land!!!

You cannot. Do know why? Because there IS NO CORRELATION!

The criminals are NOT being made to think they are a “category of slaves by nature”.

They are serving sentences for the crimes THEY have committed.

They were NOT forced to break laws and hurt The People in this society.

They were born a human being and then chose to become a criminal - and an INMATE.

They were not made into a criminal - they were not enslaved.

When that kind of personal choice has been made, there is no, or ever can be, any recourse for their ‘hurt feelings’ after the fact.

The governor of New York, Kathy Hochul, signed this into law because…

“Prison reform advocates have said the term “inmate” has a dehumanizing effect. Prisoners say it can feel degrading when jail guards refer to them as inmates, especially in front of their families during in-person visits.

The convicts feel degraded?

They don’t like being called inmates?

They don’t like their families to hear them referred to as ‘inmates’?


They are in prison for a REASON!!!

How do their victims feel about the thefts, robberies, rapes and murders committed against their families, lives and homes by these INMATES?

I can’t imagine any one of them are too overly concerned about how the INMATES feel now that they have been caught, tried and convicted in a court of law.

Yes…caught, tried and convicted in a court of law. There is absolutely NO correlation to slavery in any way, shape or form.

It’s the same nonsense spouted by the kid on the commercial claiming that just because he committed crimes, he is not a criminal. (See “Social Change Is Not That Easy” on my blog site,

I must call bullshit! It’s bullshit! Standard, operational BULLSHIT!!!

How dare the politicians attempt to gloss over this outrage by loosely tying it to slavery!!!

THAT is despicable!

Slavery and convicted criminals – INMATES – ARE IN NO WAY RELATED OR CONNECTED!


These are two entirely separate entities.

Are we, The American People really expected to believe that convicted criminals are somehow the victims of racism borne of slavery??? That's what they're implying.

And are therefore deserving of the ANY of the humane treatment (being called nice words) they denied their own victims as they committed their crimes???

Criminals are criminals. If you committed a crime, and you are tried and convicted, then you are in fact, a criminal. Once incarcerated, you are in fact an INMATE.

There absolutely SHOULD be a stigma attached to the term ‘inmate’.

Stigmas tend to be much greater deterrents than pretending that everyone should be happy, no matter what they do…or no matter what happens to them at the hands of others.

What possible rationale could there EVER be for exonerating a criminal act just to make the criminal ‘feel good about themselves’???



So, I guess we’re supposed to accept that it’s too offensive of a term to criminals who are now, yes, INMATES???


The People – including the criminals who committed the crimes – SHOULD be offended by criminal actions and exactly where those actions have led those criminals.

The criminals aren’t happy?


QUIT trying to make everyone feel happy and warm and fuzzy for the sole sake of elections and votes. There can’t be anything more to it than that that.

START acting like you give a damn about The People and act like the responsible leaders of society you were expected to be when votes were cast in your favor.

GROW UP and quit flailing around in the breeze with every whim and piss and moan that floats toward political office.

Dark days are already here.

I fear that much darker days are yet to come.

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