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If You Can't Find My Book, "Until the Next Time"...

Hey Folks!

First, let me shout out a great big 'THANK YOU!' to all of you that show so much love and support for not only this book but all of my writings!

But...If you have any trouble finding my book, "Until the Next Time", PLEASE let me know!

Pressed in Erie, PA (1535 W. 8th St) carries a limited supply of my book under the agreement I have with them. Once their stock is depleted, I have to replace them on the shelf, so PLEASE let me know if you go looking for it and I'm NOT on the shelf.

Of course, the same goes for any on-line ordering. Both the paper and digital versions will be available until such time as either my publisher, me or my distributors decide to remove it - most likely that will take a long time to happen, so if you run into any snags, I need to know about it so I can get it fixed. My book should be available indefinitely.

Sure, I check on things, but I can't see them all, so I really need your help.

You can drop me a line on here (messages left on my website are 100% anonymous) and/or send me an email (can also be as anonymous as you want it to be).

Onto other news...I'm hoping this Fall and Winter bring good things with them!

I have my next couple books, several short stories and now even a splattering of my poems on short-lists and in review with publishers.

My first published poem will be printed in December!

Lots going on!

And don't forget about my monthly articles and short stories published in Bare Back Magazine.

I sincerely appreciate all of your support and your help in keeping things moving forever forward!

Thanks Again!



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