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Lists on 'How To Meet Women'...

I am SICK-TO-DEATH of these incessant, self-absorbed wanna-be authors pontificating to the masses, all of their self-involved knowledge and flooding the world with their ‘lists’ on how to live.

This one’s particularly generic – up to a point. And then you get a good glimpse into the personal views of the writer, NOT the thoughts of “hundreds of single women surveyed” as he claims.

I’d like to know the actual survey and see the actual results and metrics.

I don’t believe these lists are based on upon the answers of any surveyed women.

By way of disclaimer, I corrected a lot of the egregious spelling and grammar errors from the original posting – the writer was trying too hard to “impress” by using a $20 word when a $1 word fits better.

If you’re going to put yourself up as an authority on ANY subject, you should at least be capable of writing a readable document.

My comments on this particular list are in parentheses below each line of the list.

With that…here we go…

“Listed here are things about men that turns on single women, according to hundreds of single women surveyed:

Meeting men in a public place naturally and by accident

(The vast majority of ‘meetings’ are already random in nature, but that shouldn’t discourage anyone that goes out on a ‘set-up date’. They’re no less exciting. So, guys shouldn’t try to set up a date? They should just hope for accidental meetings? Of course, if guys do this, they never get a chance in the first place. Maybe that is the real intention here.)

Honest men

Nice men who treat them with respect

Men in tight jeans

(This is a little bit superficial, don’t you think? And misleading…not everyone feels good in tight jeans. If you don’t feel good in the first place, you’re already doomed to failure.

You’ll see the opposite side of this argument in the next list. Watch for it. And by the way…who isn’t turned-on by any person – guy or girl – in tight clothes?)

A man with a good sense of humor

Men with an outgoing and friendly personality

A man who is ambitious and knows where he is going in life

(Ambition is powerful, yes, but only when it is used to grow stronger and greater, not just trying to get laid. Otherwise, who cares? This flirts with 'overbearing')

Men who have the ability to be themselves

(This is the one recommendation the guy gets right. BE YOURSELF!)

Men who do not try to put on an act

(This is a repeat of the last one to add another ‘rule’ to the list.

But it doesn’t matter – BE YOURSELF!)

Men who listen”

(Ok. That first part is all pretty much boiler-plate stuff and canned advice, but ok.

If you’re a kid who doesn’t know any better, maybe it’ll help you just fine.)

Let’s move on…


Listed here are things about men that turn single women off, according to hundreds of single women surveyed:

Men who act "Macho" and have an overinflated ego

Men wearing too much jewelry

(Most likely written by a man that does not – and cannot – wear jewelry. Before anyone gets too jazzed about jewelry, they should do a little research on what that jewelry actually means.

I’m surprised he didn’t list too many tattoos along with jewelry…That’s a double-whammy for me! Looks like I’m a walking woman-repellent.)

Men trying to impress you by talking about their material possessions (car, yacht, mansion, penthouse, wealth, etc.)

(If you’re as ambitious as you should be to impress women as stated above, shouldn’t you tell them about all the toys you got from it? How are they going to know just how ambitious you really are if you keep it quiet and hidden?)

Unclean men

(I just don’t like the tone of this one. It almost sounds like a caste-type remark. And let me say this…no matter how good a man or woman looks in those tight jeans, if they’re dirty or smelly, it’s pretty much a turn-off for everyone!)

Men obsessed with sports (all they talk about is sports and spend their weekends camped on the couch watching sports)

(I know MANY, MANY women that are more obsessed with sports than any man, and they would LOVE a guy to be just as obsessed right along with them. I get the feeling the guy that wrote this was never into sports. If you give up sports thinking you’re going to impress all those single women out there, you’re going to miss out on one helluva lot!)

Overweight men with a pot-belly

Unbelievably shallow and superficial. This suggests that no single women would EVER want a man that wasn’t thin, fit and trim. Good luck finding that! What about ‘dad-bods’? I worked hard to build my dad-bod and I’m proud of it!

It’s not how you look as much as how you carry yourself.)


(Remember the ‘men in tight jeans in the list above? Isn’t that what you do when you wear tight jeans? Show off your body? What about your 'ambition' that will turn on the girls?


Why wouldn’t you show it off? “If you got it, flaunt it.”)

Men constantly pawing at their bodies

Men who give too many compliments

(Oh, of course…no human being would ever want to get compliments! Really?)

Guys always looking in the mirror and flexing their muscles

Men who are too sexually aggressive

(I’m just going to call BULLSHIT on this one! There’s nothing else to say about it.)


(Who defines a drunk? It’s dangerous – especially with inexperienced kids – to use a generic label like ‘drunks’. What does that entail? Is it a couple beers after work or blacked-out weekends? An item like this has no business in this type of list – intended, at least on the surface, as helpful recommendations. In young, inexperienced hands, labels are a bad thing.)

Men who belch and fart in public

(Really? Come on. I used to know a woman that could out fart most of the guys in the bar…funny as hell…and she was a gorgeous banking professional. Just goes to show that you never can tell what lies beneath – especially if you cover it with labels like these!)


Wanna know what you need to know about turning on women?


Be who you are.

Think for yourself.

Act for yourself.

Be the man you are.

I can pretty much guarantee you that the SECOND you try to apply something from lists like these, you’re already turning her off. You might as well order yourself another beer.

I won’t give you any thoughts more than that, but this ‘list’ is worth repeating:

Be who you are.

Think for yourself.

Act for yourself.

Be the man you are.

There is a great deal of truth in the mantra that there is ‘someone for everyone’.

This is undeniably true.

Who’s to say what will work or what will not?


No one but you and the girl (or guy) you want to date, that’s who.

You can’t ever assume that the people you meet will fall into neatly, although erroneously, arranged lists.

Everyone is different, so I say again, one last time…

Be who you are.

Think for yourself.

Act for yourself.

Be the man you are.


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