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People Need and People Want

Most folks don’t need a guy like me to be around.

But most folks want a guy like me to be around.

Want is not a bad word. Wanting is not a bad thing.

Wanting is a good thing.

A want for things pushes us beyond those barriers and blockades that society puts up to protect itself. It’s the dangerous ground ‘beyond’ the brush line…that forbidden zone…that we’re all so curious to explore.

Like it or not. Believe it or not.

We all crave it.

But the accepted doctrine declares, “If you don’t want anything beyond what’s safe, then nothing can go wrong.”

But I ask you, “How safe is safe, really?

A want for things lights the wick and inspires and moves each and every one of us to take just one more step forward. Sometimes, the step goes backwards, sure, but most often each step carries us forward to the next one…and the next want that might just make us a little happier.

Yes…our wants do make us happy.

And just ‘why’ would anyone want me to be around, in particular?

Because I have no reservations about drawing out those feelings in people.

Because I love to stir the cauldron of the mind just enough to help folks believe that there just might be something more than what they see every day.

Something beyond what they see in their 9 to 5 world.

Something beyond what they feel in their darkest nights of restless sleep.

Something beyond the ‘polly-anna’ belief that anything that deviates from the norm is inherently evil.

Every last one of us needs that want to keep on keeping on.

Wants are a requirement for living more of the life you have.

Wants are a goal for improving the life that you live.

Wants are a way to make it all feel a little bit better.

We need to have those goals and targets…those objects of affection and vibrance that bring life to our hearts and souls.

Because we need them, we seek them out and grab all of them we can find.

We want to have those goals and targets in our hands…those objective feelings that we just know will make us feel good. After all, feeling good is good enough.

Want is not a bad word.

Wanting is not a bad thing.

Wanting is a good thing.

Don’t ever let those conniving malcontents convince you otherwise.

Keep an eye out for them.

They’re pretty easy to spot and once you do, it’s even easier to keep them away…or at least keep them at arm’s length.

You’ll be a lot happier if you do, I can tell you that.

I know I am.

They are the kind of folks that meet your excitement with a maudlin ‘concern’ for your ‘well being’ because they honestly don’t believe that you can figure it all out for yourself.

They’ll give you no end of reasons why you should stay safe – as they view safe – and work so hard to convince you that wanting anything different in your world is a bad thing.

I have to call BULLSHIT on that one!

There is no safety in cowering from change in your world – whether you seek it out or not.

As a matter of fact, I personally believe that you decay a little bit every time you hide from what life has to offer.

I am a creature of habit and I enjoy knowing that all of the orbiting satellites of my own universe are following their own set paths…BUT…if one of those satellites should suddenly become a nuisance, they’re kicked out of orbit.

And whenever I find something I might want to add to the mix, I’ll do it.

It’s a type of a paradox, rattling around inside my own head, I suppose.

Enjoy the safety and comfort of unchanging predictability, but keep a look out for new and exciting wants to spice things up.

Yup. That’s me in a nutshell.

Still, why would people want and need a guy like me around?

Sometimes, it’s good to hear someone else – even a perfect stranger – talk about the same things you’re thinking about. It’s a sort of validation, and sometimes, that’s the only nudge folks will ever need. It’s easy for them to step off square one, BUT only once they see someone else is doing it, too.

Make sense?

At the same time, other folks must have an easy target for their venom.

I give them that. And I am so much more than an easy target.

They will never be happy, and they see no reason that anyone else should be, either.

So they attack and condemn and write off wanting as an act of defiance and conspiracy against the ‘societal norm’ and people in general.

Why do you have to change things? Things are safe and comfortable just the way they are. Who are you to think it could be different? Who are you to want to change things?

Sound familiar at all?

If it does, then you know exactly who I’m talking about already.

If not, well…guess where that lands you.

Change is not a bad thing.

Want is not a bad thing.

Wanting to change your slice of the world is not a bad thing.

Wanting to change your slice of the world is not an evil act of conspiracy.

Wanting to change your slice of the world is not an act of shunning the norm and other people.

Wanting to change your slice of the world is a good thing.


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